Health and wellbeing

Facilities include:

  • SimMan
  • Nursing Skills Lab
  • Real-time Labour Ward
  • Critical Care Skills Laboratory
  • Therapeutic Radiography VERT Lab

Centre for Efficient and Renewable Energy in Buildings (CEREB)

Our green energy facility boasts a variety of functional renewable energy systems complete with monitoring.

Digital Architecture Robotics Lab

This digital manufacturing robotics lab is designed for high-quality research and developing commercial applications for architecture.

Human Performance Centre

These include facilities for:

  • biomechanics
  • cardiorespiratory physiology – elite human performance
  • gait analysis
  • neuromuscular physiology
  • nutrition and metabolism
  • perception-action

Virtual Engineering Lab

Used to perform detailed design reviews, rehearse in-depth training tasks, validate maintenance procedures or verify assembly and manufacturing processes at 1:1 scale.

Anechoic Chamber

The Anechoic Chamber is a specialist facility that has been carefully designed and built to achieve almost perfect quiet conditions.

Elephant Studios

  • Film Studio and Soundstage: 102.9m2double-height film studio with a DMX lighting grid, green screen backdrop, soundstage and backstage facilities.
  • Photography Studio: 102.9m2double-height film studio with a photography lighting grid, green room, and specialised photography equipment.
  • Editing Suites: Seven Editing Suites, all air-conditioned and acoustically treated, are ideal for use in film practice: editing video and audio, and recording quick sound files.
  • Grading Suites: Networked with an ultra fast 10Gb/s network and neutral walls and lighting to optimise conditions for the colourist.
  • Screening Cinema: 36-seat cinema features a 4K projector and 5.1 sound playback, and is ideal to preview your production work before it goes out to the public.
  • Sound Studio: The two high specification floating rooms have been acoustically treated and isolated, and the mixing console is an SSL AWS 924 Delta, with Dynaudio AIR and Genelec monitoring.

Edric Theatre

90-seat main house auditorium fitted with industry-standard lighting, sound and AV technologies

National Bakery School

A wide array of software and facilities specific to the food industry

Academy of Sport

State-of-the-art sports facilities with SMART centre technology

Pub Lab

A unique environment to study the effects of alcohol on human behaviour

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Latest Events


Cyber Security & Data Challenges

Delivered by Joao Bocas of Digital Salutem, this workshop will provide participants with a greater understanding of cyber security, help to ensure their business is safe, as well as compliant with a current legislation.


Digital Health Landscape

Delivered by Dr Bryan Griffiths, this workshop will take you through the current state of healthcare in the UK, and how health tech companies can use this knowledge to get their product noticed.


Evidence Base and Economic Case

Being able to evidence that your product is effective is an essential part of your value proposition. When reaching out to potential customers, or even investor, you have to be able to prove that your product delivers.

Delivered by Dr Bryan Griffiths, in this workshop you will find out what your stakeholders are looking for, how you can attain and provide that information, and how to put a price on your final product.


Wearable Trends

Delivered by Joao Bocas of Digital Saultem, this workshop is essential if you're looking for an overview of the wearable technology landscape.