How to Build a Team

Ambitious entrepreneurs need to know how to build an effective team that allows their business to survive and thrive. How do you look for, select and build long-term relationships with colleagues, contractors and even suppliers to make this happen? From shared values, recruitment decisions and training policies through to financial incentives and business structures, serial entrepreneur Peter Harrington will identify different strategies that underpin the management and leadership of people in a growing organisation.

In the workshop you will:

  • Develop a search, recruitment and selection strategy that suits your business
  • Learn how to manage and motivate people effectively from the outset
  • Know how to make very best use of contractors, suppliers and partner agents involved with the business

About the workshop leader

Peter Harrington started his first company immediately after graduation in 1989. Since then he has created and grown several companies and employed over 1,000 people. In recent years, Peter has recruited a team of global partner agents and led the award-winning SimVenture business simulation team to success in 40+ countries.


K2 Building, Keyworth Street, SE1 6NG


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9:30 am
4:00 pm
Sim DH
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