How to Run Your Business

Many organisations manage income from a number of sources, such as donations, grants, contracts and income from trading.  A financial strategy should be part of an organisation’s overall strategy or business plan and can help to set goals. A good financial strategy can make it easier to achieve a diverse and stable income mix and is a good foundation for fundraising in the future.

In this workshop, participants will gain an understanding and the tools to:

  • Evaluate current financial situation
  • What you need funding for Funding objectives and how these relate to your mission Income aims for the next three to five years, including your ideal income mix
  • Areas in the business to increase or decrease income
  • Key funding relationships essential for achieving your objectives
  • Resources you need to achieve your financial objectives (people, skills, knowledge, networks, equipment)
  • An analysis of the main risks and barriers to funding
  • Putting a reserves policy in place to balance spending and saving
  • How to fundraise, pitch and win investors


6 St George’s Circus London, SE1 6FE


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9:30 am
4:00 pm
Sim DH
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