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How to Think like an Entrepreneur

Content snapshot:

• The entrepreneurial mind set
• What makes a successful entrepreneur?
• Decision making
• Risk-taking
• Resilience


How to Build a Team

Content snapshot:

• Culture
• How to assess skills/qualities required
• Recruitment
• Training
• Costs
• Types of contract
• Tax
• Shares


How to Find Product Market Fit

Content snapshot

• How to create and shape a value proposition
• The tools & techniques that can be used to create product market fit
• How to identify and verify a target market
• What is required to improve market adoption and promoting the benefits of your offering
• Mechanisms to create market pull
• Case studies - applying the key lessons to your own company


How to Run Your Business

Content Snapshot:

• Evaluate current financial situation
• What you need funding for Funding objectives and how these relate to your mission Income aims for the next three to five years, including your ideal income mix
• Areas in the business to increase or decrease income
• Key funding relationships essential for achieving your objectives
• Resources you need to achieve your financial objectives (people, skills, knowledge, networks, equipment)
• An analysis of the main risks and barriers to funding
• Putting a reserves policy in place to balance spending and saving
• How to fundraise, pitch and win investorspany


How to Fail Successfully

Content snapshot:

• Be better prepared to deal with failure by embracing it
• Develop resilience skills to endure challenges ahead
• Develop critical decision-making skills
• Understand how mindset plays a crucial role
• Turn mistakes and failures into positive actions


How to Lead and Inspire



How to Pitch to Investors